RE: [ANN] MaCaTa - An introduction by example to 3 frameworks

From: Gentry, Michael \(Contractor\) ("Gentry,)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2006 - 11:20:02 EDT

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    I like the CrudEngine. :-)

    I don't have time to fully explore it right now, but it looks like there
    is some really nice tutorial/reference information there. You've been

    I noticed you put in a note about DataSqueezers not being secure, too.
    That's a big issue for me. I've adopted the technique now of encoding
    in my DirectLink the index of the data object in my internal List. For

    * Tapestry enhancements:
    public abstract List getQueues();
    public abstract void setQueues(List queues);
    public abstract int getQueueIndex();
    public abstract void setQueueIndex(int index);

    * Save query results:
    List queues = dataContext.performQuery(...);
    setQueues(queues); // save queues off in page/session space

    * HTML Template:
    <span jwcid=..or" source="ognl:queues" index="ognl:queueIndex" ...>
    <a href="#" jwcid=..irectLink" listener="listener:showQueue"

    * Handle selection of queue (click on DirectLink):
    public void showQueue(int index)

    So, if my performQuery() returns 20 rows I save those objects off in the
    page session space. The DirectLink will encode 0-19 as the queueIndex
    when creating the hyperlinks. When they click on a link, I get the
    object they clicked on via the index (supplied by T4). The index is
    only valid inside the List of objects I've stored off for them as a
    result of the query. If they monkey with the URL, they can't get data
    that isn't available to them in the first place, and if they change it
    to 20+, it'll throw an exception. This keeps the PKs out of the picture
    completely and no squeezing needs to be done. If that makes any sense.



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    Subject: [ANN] MaCaTa - An introduction by example to 3 frameworks

    Hi all,

    I'd like to announce the first release of MaCaTa - a web application and
    tutorial based on 3 excellent and compatible open source java based
    Maven-Cayenne-Tapestry. Hence the highly imaginative name of MaCaTa ;)

    The application is all about allowing a user to manage data, it is all
    (Create, Read, Update, Delete). For the developer you configure it to
    point to a Cayenne object and it displays a list of data in the
    table and allows the user to work with that data. There is more
    available such as the ability to disallow deletes.

    On top of this there is a reasonable amount of documentation that walks
    creating your own applications based on these technologies. In fact the
    is a super-set of what is available in the application itself.

    More information is available at:



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