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From: Bill Michell (
Date: Wed Oct 08 2003 - 12:30:56 EDT

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    Best advice I've had all day - thanks!

    From: Chuck Hill [mailto:chil..]
    Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 4:49 PM
    To: Pierre Bernard; Bill Michell;
    Subject: RE: WOGen task


    I agree with Pierre, use EOGenerator. In case anyone is interested, here is an alternate Ant target for EOGenerator:

              <!-- Generate EOs -->
             <target name="generate.eos" depends="setProps">
                <exec executable="${eogenerator.executable}">
                              <arg value="-model" />
                              <arg path="VirtualTables.eomodeld" />
                              <arg value="-refmodel" />
                              <arg path="../GVCEOPrototypes/GVCEOPrototypes.eomodeld" />
                              <arg value="-destination" />
                              <arg path="GeneratedEOs/net/global_village/virtualtables" />
                              <arg value="-subclassDestination" />
                              <arg path="src/net/global_village/virtualtables" />
                              <!-- The default values below are taken from in your home/library directory -->
                              <!-- They can be overridden here or in the file for this project. -->
                              <arg value="-templatedir" />
                              <arg path="${eogenerator.template.dir}" />
                              <arg value="-javaTemplate" />
                              <arg value="${eogenerator.baseClassTemplate}" />
                              <arg value="-subclassJavaTemplate" />
                              <arg value="${eogenerator.subClassTemplate}" />
                              <arg value="-define-copyrightYear" />
                              <arg value="${eogenerator.copyrightYear}" />
                              <arg value="-define-copyrightBy" />
                              <arg value="${eogenerator.copyrightBy}" />
                              <arg value="-verbose" />
                              <arg value="-java" />
                              <arg value="-define-EOSuperClass" />
                              <arg value="${eogenerator.superclass}" />

    Ah, isn't Ant much nicer than make? :-) I also have an Ant task making this even more concise. I hope to be donating this to WOProject RSN.


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