WOLips 3.6 Stable

From: Mike Schrag (mschra..obox.com)
Date: Wed Oct 06 2010 - 02:03:19 UTC

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    It's been a long time coming, but WOLips 3.6 is now stable.

    WOLips 3.6 Stable
    WOLips Install Site: http://webobjects.mdimension.com/hudson/job/WOLips36Stable/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/site
    Hudson Page: http://webobjects.mdimension.com/hudson/job/WOLips36Stable
    SVN: https://svn.objectstyle.org/repos/woproject/branches/eclipse_3_6

    WOLips 3.6 Current (i.e. "unstable")
    SVN "trunk" has now returned back to a normal trunk and is where all new development should happen. the eclipse_3_6 branch is now a maintenance branch.

    WOLips Install Site: http://webobjects.mdimension.com/hudson/job/WOLips36Current/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/site/
    Hudson Page: http://webobjects.mdimension.com/hudson/job/WOLips36Current
    SVN: https://svn.objectstyle.org/repos/woproject/trunk/woproject

    Unfiltered Change Log since 3.5 Stable
    if you're in an Entity Modeler perspective, restrict the "open entity" dialog to just the entries inside the current model group ... this is kind of insane, but this also adds support for open entity into Entity Modeler.app

    stub implementations of IResource/IFile/IFolder on top of java.io.Files (why isn't this built into eclipse?)

    don't enforce value class name and class name checks on abstract entities

    dave-compliance for ordering

    added a new .fetchSpec() method onto _Entity

    add the initial field at the top, not below the constructor

    WOL-1177 [Patch] Problems with "New D2W" project template

    WOL-1151 Cannot copy a prototype attribute that has Docs content in the attribute's Properties

    frameworksBaseURL attribute of woapplication task in app

    woproject-ant-tasks/src/resources/japplication/mac/Info.plist: removed DTD references

    throw an exception sooner when there isn't a matching project template

    template so that it's found by the wizard

    nothing sucks more than your focus getting lost because you had the wod editor collapsed

    tightened up the component editor sash ... went ahead and changed its color back to darker gray since we don't have maclipse on 3.6 yet

    support for an exampleConnectionDictionary declared in prototype userInfo. when you change your prototype declaration in entity modeler, it will copy all the values in that dictionary into the database config fields

    if you have errors on save, make the dialog block prior to saving, giving you the chance to cancel out

    stop that partial package name guessing ... it's stupid and it's never what you actually want

    for a new entity, bitch if you don't set a package name on your entity

    toLowercaseFirstLetter uses new Wonder impl (ERAttachment => erAttachment)

    Added separate "Date (D)" data type

    better support <div id="<webobject name="NestedTag"/>"> in both parsing and formatting ... add the concept of "synthetic tags" that don't structurally render

    be even pickier about when we validate templates

    double-clicking on an html in search results should open the component editor, not the template editor

    if validate on build is off, but validate components is on, just don't even validate during a build cycle ... this could suck if you want to trigger a clean build to clear errors, but people who use this combo will just have to deal with it for now. if the intent is to not validate everything, it's too easy for a svn up to trigger tons of validations

    if you didn't set a default template and you're linking to ERExtensions, default your eogen file to use the wonder templates

    guess the WonderEntity/_WonderEntity eogen templates if you link to ERExtensions and you didn't set a default

    don't complain about a missing attribute column name if its entity is abstract

    added a flag to let you specify that an enitty will only be used for raw rows (and therefore can skip the primary key check)

    just making it shut up some

    those have been backwards this whole time? whoops.

    cocoa fixes for positioning of ccombo and textfield

    VERY debatable, but it's so annoying trying to clear an error from an eogen file ....... just let it fail silently for now

    forcefully close console views that open inside entity modeler perspective

    * consider equalsIgnoreCase equality enough for prototyping (except for valueType)
    * make dave's dream come true and replace all attribute settings when a prototype changes

    added equalsIgnoreCaseIfStrings

    removed 1.6ism

    schedule refresh monitor so we don't get crazy osgi threaded loading problems

    fix problem when lazy validation is on where the editors wouldn't refresh their validation checks

    added priority and deployment profile to EODatabaseConfig

    delete first because we might trigger an async build

    delete eogen markers when you save the file

    Make EOGenerator markers transient

    fix a really weird edge case for valueClassName vs className in 5.2

    just toss them on clean build if you don't validate on build ...

    tweak how "don't validate on build" works ... validate on save and load if validate is on, but validate on build is off

    roll up team-private refreshes to the nearest non-team-private member so svn ups don't make the eclipse refresher go so damn crazy'

    WOL-1169 EOModelDoc output chokes on some browsers

    WOL-1170 [PATCH] ERModernD2W Project Template

    WOL-1168 [PATCH] Compile error in generated _class files

    don't use bundle group factory if no framework search paths were found

    more reliable dependency loading for standalone entity modeler app

    more reliable dependency loading for standalone entity modeler app

    open models in new windows when double-clicked from finder

    use the new 3.6 API for opening documents (thank god ... only took like 3 years to get that back into core)

    hunt for modelpaths a little more aggressively

    support globs in EntityModeler.modelpath and classpath files

    set flag to not load classes when loading entities

    use project bundles and enable bundled jdbc info by default

    prevent NPE

    updated for 3.6.0

    added delete rule to relationships eomodeldoc

    turn on NSProjectBundles for sql generation

    fix the cursor offset when "spaces around equals" is turned off

    tweaked error message

    properly implement the new well formed template default override

    updated to jprofiler 6.0.6

    make double-click-in-html-select-corresponding-wod work properly

    Optionally turn off validation on a full build, but have it on for incremental build

    prevent NPE

    when there is no properties file with the name you specify, properties weren't saving back out

    Automatically inject -DNSProjectBundleEnabled=true as long as you don't have any launch configuration parameters that contain "NSProjectBundleEnabled" and you are running with bundle generation off

    Add support for ipAddress prototype to migration generator.

    having a rough time with debug statements

    don't include launch args that you explicitly set in the vm launch arguments field -- you can move those yourself if you care

    support -NSProjectSearchPath or -DNSProjectSearchPath

    Include -D WO arguments in vm arguments as well as in the app commandline, so you can specify properties that have to be accessed before the commandline is processed in WO

    wolips doesn't really need to have a default for NSProjectBuildPath ... just set NSProjectBundleEnabled for now

    tweaked the validation preferences pane a little bit

    remove WO.manifest builder

    typo in var name

    organize imports

    removed debug statement

    support for refreshing linked resources

    track lastModified on fspec, storedProc, entity, and model, so we can give an error when you try to save and the underlying file changed beneath you

    use the entity opener action, so we respect open-in-new-window

    don't show fspecs ... they're per-entity, not named

    change selection to the entity that you opened

    cmd-shift-v = open entity/modeler/fspec/storedproc

    default entity modeler to open in a new window

    prevent ConcurrentModificationException at startup

    default relationship optionality warnings off ... they can be really chatty

    Feature editor trashed the update URL.

    meaningful when viewing multiple update sites.
    Cleaned up license agreement formatting

    override the validity check for now

    more mock-bundles-off changes

    make the project the working directory when mock bundles are off

    Fixed the bug where sometimes a clean build doesn't actually clean the build folder + a weird variation where it cleans, but deletes some already copied pieces in the process.

    support for explicitly turning off the incremental bundle builder

    wolips/veogen/package.sh: updated veogen to take a -config option and a -workingDir option

    added controls for wod problem severity

    WOL-1116 Html format function swallows everything after <br>

    WOL-1125 [PATCH] WonderEntity templates

    removed debug statemenet

    explain this shitty line of code

    default build properties value to the global UI preference

    removed debug println

    Convert validation preference page to use popups for severity rather than confusing checkbox format that it uses now

    [WOL-1162] eclipse_3_6 branch: porting patch from Alexis Tual to populate Info.plist's cfBundleVersion and cdBundleShortVersion during the build from project's pom version.

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